Pamela Re-analysed

Samuel Richardson’s ‘Pamela’ or ‘Virtue Rewarded’ may have idealised a woman who conquers a man with love but many critics especially contemporary man will always hold such a writing as anti-feminist . And not just anti-feminist but rather inhuman. Pamela the 15 year-old maid-servant was not rewarded for her virtues but she rather succumbed to the circumstances. She was sexually abused by her owner Mr B when she was relented his sexual advances. Even her privacy was thwarted. The letters she wrote to her parents were always read by Mr B. Mr B was a voyuer and a rapist. Had Pamela been born in the 21st century she would surely have filed a case against him. Mr B goes to the extent of keeping Pamela as a captive in his Linconshire estate so that he would join her there and assault her. While Mr B moves a step closer to his diabolical form Pamela moves ahead in her docility when she falls in love with her assaulter Mr B . Even after being somewhat reformed(if that can be called reformation) she is taught to cultivate manners which are expected from her as a wife as a woman of high social status . His character himself is questionable. He had had a love-child by another woman . Even after Pamela and Mr B were reconciled to each other Pamela was asked by Mr B to show him her letters . So Pamela and Mr B were happily married and so her virtue was rewarded.Love or not but he had enough lust for her. Maybe it was lust that reconciled them. It was not Pamela’s virtue that was rewarded but Mr B’s actions . Love conquers all can be best exemplified by the story of Beauty and the Beast. But Richardson’s Pamela cannot be called Love or Virtue Rewarded. It can be either Virtue or Reward .


A Slice of Life

One day a certain sight arrested my attention and I can’t but help sharing this before writing this article. A woman in ragged clothes possibly a beggar woman with a girl of about 3 and a boy of about 1 was standing on the street . The boy started crying and I was surprised to see that the little girl, his sister was consoling him.Never have I seen such maturity and understanding in a child. Maybe I have never been out of my comfort zone to see what people go through in their lives. Life has brought them face to face with adversities at such a young age that we can’t even think of . While we people have everything we need and still crave for more there are people out there who are struggling, for two square meals a day .Those little children have no time to play ,they are busy helping their parents in earning their bread. The sight of the poor kids made me fie on myself, how self-centred are we .It made me conscious of what we have in life . We have got a home , parents to love and protect us ,proper food and most importantly an education. That is more than enough . We spend our lives eyeing others’ wealth and comparing ourselves to our rich friends and acquaintances while there are people whose lives rests on food , clothing and shelter. What we need to imbibe within us is not sympathy but empathy. We need to place ourselves in their places to realise what they go through in life . A little girl taught me a great lesson of life. I pray that these people who have seen life in it’s worst would also see it in it’s best days. Instead of complaining for what I have not I will be generous enough to share with them what i have got. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

A Home

What a familiar word is home. Familiar of course because of a family. I have seen many ‘homes’.I have been to many ‘homes’.But wherein lies the ‘homeness’ of the home? I have changed many homes, not in the literal sense of the word. I have found the ‘homeness’ of a home in many places. For me it’s a transitory place but remember, it’s not an empty place. I have found homes in places which are not called homes . And i have known shallow, palatial houses with families being called home.

Home i think is where a woman doesn’t grow tired of making delicacies for her children. It is where a man called ‘papa’ scolds you for not doing your lessons. It is where the lap of a woman is the most blissful place in the world. It is where the heart and the hearth can warm you up and protect you from the coldness. The only place which is associated with terms like love, affection, security, concern, etc. In that sense i have found many homes. i have homes in the hearts of those we call strangers . i have also been driven out of the supposed homes, the hearts of people we call friends. The heart of every person wherein lies love ,care ,security and warmth is a home for me . i have been into the homes of people who are called homeless. It is in this sense that i say that i have many homes. Some have been ruined ,in some i live and some are yet to be built. I came across a house in ruins which contained the remnants of a home. The old rocking chair ,the wilderness surrounding the house, the rusty iron gate reminded me of that unique bond with which a home is made. The family must have shifted to some other place but the ‘homeness’ of the home still lingers there . It’s presence is felt only during it’s absence. When we step out into the world outside. And then we seek other homes.  We are pushed from our homes. After all our wanderings we reach our home which embraces us with all love, forgives us for our mistakes and where from life makes a restart.

P.S-Sorry for the repetition of the word ‘home’.It is for the sake of emphasis. Sorry for any other mistakes . Suggestions are welcome.

Hello! My name is Shradha Suman Satpathy. I am pursuing my masters in English literature in Sambalpur University. I fell in love with literature from my childhood. As a child i always enjoyed reading books and listening to stories without trying to know about the authors. As i grew up i started understanding the underlying meanings. Since i am an amateur writer i would like to be given suggestions for better writing. Thank u